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Originally from Moscow, Russia, I.L.Y.A. began exploring music producing in 2008 with GarageBand. By 2014, he released his first single “Talk To Me” and followed up with his 2015 EP Music For You.

After the graduation from Higher School of Economics in Moscow and gaining traction in Russia and wanting to explore musically, I.L.Y.A. made the decision to took the next step in 2018 when he moved in New York City, where he graduated from the Clive Davis Institute of Recorded Music.

He released his first US-inspired single “Franklin”, which was praised by KALTBLUT Magazine, “his sunny demeanor is as effortless as the ease with which he flits between his songs and delivery.” 

“Pour It Out” is the first single from I.L.Y.A.s new EP Hybrid out in July 2019 following the release with his next music video, “Can’t Wait Forever”.


I.L.Y.A.'s music is a mix of appealing lyrics, catchy melodies, and unique vocals making him a multifunctional artist  while being a music producer, a top-liner and  a singer. I.L.Y.A.'s music is a combination of European and American heritage with some elements from 80-90s.


In July 2019, the artist put out a new EP "Hybrid" out representing European and American heritage as well as various music styles.

On Cyber Monday of 2018, I.L.Y.A. released an acute social indie hip-hop track "Franklin" about overconsumption, money influence, and Black Friday craziness.

Earlier in 2018, the artist released a new song "Uniqueness Patrol" which is a mix of 80's music and new age. The music video was shot in Mexico.


In 2017, I.L.Y.A. released two songs that explore pop on its edges.


"Amazed" is a super daring song about teen ambitions. It is a mix of dance and Hip-Hop.


"Nonchalant" is a true pop song with a slight deep house sound. The song tells the story of a forgotten soul in a big city and a search for exits.

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